Michael HAhn


Visionary Technologist.

Passionate Leader.

Instinctively Curious.

Relentless on Results.

Technology has become such an essential part of our daily lives, yet we continue to be frustrated by it and struggle with “making it work”, especially at the enterprise level. IT has just recently emerged from the “Necessary Evil” category to being a true business partner in today’s progressive enterprise. More than ever, individuals who lead by building bridges between people and technology can catapult organizations forward to immediately measurable results.

Mike has been in the technology industry since 1986, working as a Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Mainframe Systems Programmer, Unix Systems Administrator, SAP Basis Administrator, Solution Architect, Technology Evangelist, Leader and Manager.

He has spent the past 21 years with The Hershey Company, working in a number of these of these positions. Most recently, he led the implementation of the ServiceNow platform and the transition to an integrated approach to Information Technology Service Management based on the ITIL framework. With responsibility for ServiceNow platform operations, upgrades and customization, this has been a great opportunity to develop in-depth ServiceNow administration, application development and support skills. Undoubtedly, efficient management of a large-scale enterprise requires a reliable, fully functioning CMDB. It’s the basis for all the ITSM processes and essential for asset and configuration management. Mike worked extensively on foudning the CMDB, using SerivceNow Discovery to populate the configuration items and further worked with the team to identify CI relationships, develop policy/procedure and evangelize CMDB adoption.

Spending several years in the role of Global Infrastructure Manager and traveling extensively through China, Korea, India and Mexico transformed Mike’s understanding and approach to team building. It is nearly impossible to gain a different perspective without being with team members in their locations. Analyzing and overcoming logistical, purchasing and communications challenges while on-site in China, is entirely different from hearing about them on a conference call. Truly, establishing relationships with individuals from different geographies, backgrounds and cultures while coming to the realization that we are all very similar is the most rewarding part of global business. 

Most of Mike’s career has been in infrastructure where he has built, led and managed teams of more than twenty highly skilled System Administrators. He’s managed data centers, mainframes, Unix/Linux, Windows Server, storage, disaster recovery, vendor relationships and everything that holds these pieces of the technology puzzle together to deliver above target availability while managing costs effectively. Spending many years in this challenging space is where Mike developed the passion for leadership and learned the value that a dedicated team brings to an organization. Systems do not run themselves; it takes skilled problem solvers who care about and depend on each other to ensure mission critical service delivery.

As a life-long learner with an insatiable curiosity for new technology, Mike continually experiments with next generation concepts to sift out the possible from the hype. He’s currently engaged in a personal IoT and home automation projects experimenting wth aspects comusmerization of IT as it relates to enterprise value. Who doesn’t like to write some Python and Groovy for fun?